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Vanity or value: which legal tech actually benefits clients?

We’ve put together a balanced overview of some of the more popular types of legal technologies that we believe benefit the clients, as well as the legal firms that implement them, to help you assess whether your legal tech provides real value.

Infographic on case management

Did you know 12% of all billable time is not captured? In this infographic we present facts about tracking time, alternative fee arrangements and budget management in law firms.

Legal Tech: Postpone or Implement Now?

The implementation of legal technology is an inevitable process for all law firms, however, when is the right time to start researching your options and be proactive in doing so?

Why your clients demand more transparency and fixed fees?

For most firms, the days of block billing with a vague description of the work you accomplished are long gone. Today, legal consumers want specific information about the tasks you have completed and detailed data on the time spent on the project. But why?

Interview with Legal IT Professionals

CEO and founder Nick Schils was invited by Rob Ameerun for a ten-minute interview. The future and the past came up in this conversation. Next to that the international ambitions and the software’s new version are discussed.

Will the end of the billable hour come?

It has been labelled ‘unsustainable’ and ‘outdated’ and rebranded by the media as the billing method of legal dinosaurs. Is the billable hour really on its last legs? In this article we give our opinion on this subject.

BANNING selects TIQ Time for effortless time recording

TIQ has announced that BANNING, an established Dutch Top 50 law firm, has selected TIQ Time as part of an ongoing initiative to update their practice management. BANNING will offer TIQ’s time capture capabilities to all their fee-earners.

The basics of Legal Project Management

Are “on budget” and “on time” words you deal with a lot? LPM can structure costs and time without much effort at all. In this article the basics of LPM are discussed.

Building trust with your clients through transparency

Clients nowadays have more complex and intricate requirements, which is becoming increasingly more difficult for law firms to facilitate properly. In this article we will focus on the ever increasing demand for transparency, especially regarding billing.

So You Tracked Your Time. Now What?

Time is your most valuable resource, and it’s important to pay attention to how you spend it. Here’s how to use time tracking to make the most out of your workweek.

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