Boarding the rocket: Looking back at 2015 and looking forward to 2016

Tjerk van Dalen

11 December 2015

Last year has been great for us. After further developing ProjectBooks, we introduced our new product and brand: TIQ. Since then, we’ve gained a lot of momentum. To give you a little behind-the-scenes action, we made an overview of a few of TIQ’s most important moments of 2015. Since we’re all about looking ahead, we wanted to give you a preview of what to expect from us in 2016, too. We’ve summarized the timeline in a figure at the end of the article.


March – Realign product strategy

In March, we made the decision to focus only on what we’re really good at: smart time tracking. From this moment on, we started adjusting and improving the technology from ProjectBooks to fit this product strategy.

May – Launch TIQ

After developing the new company strategy, product and brand, we launched our new website and the first version of the application.

July – Acquire pre-seed investment

In July, we were able to raise our first round of funding. This €200k investment allowed us to finance further development of the application and attracting the first pilot partners.

October – Join Microsoft Ventures

Late September we received message that TIQ had been selected by Microsoft Ventures in London to join their accelerator program, one of the leading accelerator programs in the world. We moved to London in October, one day prior to the start of program. Read more about us joining Microsoft Ventures here.

November – Exhibit at Web Summit

After being selected for Microsoft Ventures, we were also selected to exhibit at Web Summit, one of the largest tech-conferences in the world, in their ALPHA startup track. Read more about our experiences at Web Summit in Dublin here.

November – Sprout Startup of the Week

In November, we were honored by Dutch Entrepreneurial magazine Sprout to be chosen as their Startup of the Week. They were able to capture our product and vision very clearly in the great article they wrote on TIQ. Read the article here. (Dutch only)


Pitch at Microsoft Ventures Demo Day

On January 27th, Microsoft Ventures is hosting an event called “The Pitch”. This day is the finish line of the accelerator program: All 8 startups in the program get to pitch their company and product in front of an impressive audience of 300: 50% top London Venture Capitalists and 50% top executives of enterprise companies.

Expand our amazing team

To support the planned growth, we will expand the team in 2016. First of all, in order to be able to further develop the smarts behind TIQ, we will expand our technical team. Secondly, we are planning to attract new team members to support us with further growth of our client base and the company itself. Interested in joining the TIQ team? Get in touch with Nick Schils.

Save our clients €1M+ in lost revenue

One of our main goals for 2016 is to help our clients save at least 1 million euros in lost revenue over the course of the year. Using TIQ, our clients will be able to track their time in a faster and more accurate way, therefore saving lost revenue. Read more about the problems we solve for our clients.

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