Claeys & Engels implement TIQ Time for more efficient and accurate time recording

Leading Belgium HR law firm selects best-of-breed legal time tracking software for more efficient time recording across its six offices.
Bas Roodbeen
21 June 2019
TIQ, an innovative player in legal time recording software, has announced that Claeys & Engels, a leading Belgium law firm, has selected TIQ Time as its new time tracking software. After an extensive review period, the firm is currently rolling out TIQ Time to all fee-earners and assistants within the firm.

“The goal is to streamline our time to bill process and make it less time consuming” explains Tim van Caeyzeele, ICT Manager at Claeys & Engels. “The complete process will be reviewed and optimised.”

Claeys & Engels’s fee-earners and administrative staff will use a range of time recording features, from fully automated time capture to TIQ Time’s Narrative Builder. The Narrative Builder helps to construct a clear and accurate narrative, which complies with the firm’s internal billing guidelines. TIQ’s software will be deployed as an extension to Aderant Expert and iManage Worksite.

“It’s great to be a part of Claeys & Engels’s goal to reduce the workload for fee-earners and assistants. TIQ’s technology reduces the amount of time and effort spent on the administrative task of time tracking, making sure that time can be spent where it matters most” says Nick Schils, CEO at TIQ.

About Claeys & Engels

Comprised of almost 90 lawyers, including 16 partners, Claeys & Engels is the largest Belgian labour and employment law boutique and is a member of the international network Ius Laboris. The firm offers a full range of legal services in all areas concerning human resources and is the first specialist law firm offering a full service to both national and international clients on all aspects of human capital.

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