Føyen Torkildsen chooses TIQ Time as its new time tracking software

PSA Consulting implements smart time tracking software at leading Norwegian law firm to improve timesheet accuracy for all their lawyers.

Bas Roodbeen
25 September 2019
TIQ has announced that Føyen Torkildsen, a leading Norwegian law firm, has selected TIQ Time to further improve time registration. The implementation will be delivered using PSA Consulting’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Custodian, a dedicated iPaaS custom-built for Nordic Professional Services Companies. 

Knut Glad, Managing Partner at Føyen Torkildsen: “In general, we were looking for a vendor that specifies in timesheets and really nails the ease-of-use. Letting our lawyers use the native ERP timesheet just causes too much frustration,” says Knut. “I believe that the ERP system should be used by our finance department and accountants, not by the lawyers.”

TIQ’s best-of-breed time tracking solution helps Føyen Torkildsen’s fee-earners construct high quality and consistent narratives for all time entries by using smart suggestions based on captured activities. The system will be rolled out on top of Føyen Torkildsen’s existing ERP installation and iManage Worksite. All the time recording features, from fully-automated time capture to smart manual entries, are supported both on desktop and mobile devices.

“We believe that in a futureproof office we have to put even more emphasis on the lawyer’s work environment,” says Knut. “We want our lawyers to be able to focus on the client and the case. TIQ Time is a win-win, it makes it easier for the lawyers to fill out the timesheets and on the other hand, the system provides more insight for both the firm and the client.”

PSA and TIQ started their partnership in 2018 in order to make the successful time tracking solution available to leading law firms in the Nordic legal sector.

Nick Schils, CEO at TIQ: “As legal IT vendor, we really believe in the power of focus and specialisation. By working together with PSA Consulting we are able to deliver a very powerful time tracking solution on top of Føyen’s existing ERP installation,” says Schils. “Improving the lawyers time tracking experience with a best-of-breed solution definitely fits the firms view on futureproofing the IT philosophy and work environment.”

About Føyen Torklidsen

Advokatfirmaet Føyen Torkildsen is a firm of dedicated legal specialists, with extensive expertise in the areas of real estate, ICT media, employment, corporate law and public procurement. The firm has a well-established reputation for its high legal proficiency, providing clients with experienced attorneys who have comprehensive knowledge within their legal domains. Føyen Torkildsen regularly advises domestic and international enterprises (Legal 500, 2019).   www.foyentorkildsen.no

About TIQ

TIQ’s automated time tracking software helps legal professionals become more productive and get better insights in spent time. The best-of-breed solution constructs high quality and consistent narratives for time entries by using smart suggestions based on captured activities. www.tiqtime.com

About PSA

PSA Consulting provides cutting-edge applications, solutions and technologies designed to unleash the power of the intelligent professional services organization, allowing you to stay ahead of the digital curve. www.psaconsulting.no

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