Knowledge Workers: You Should Know These Keyboard Shortcuts

Tjerk van Dalen

07 December 2015

Since we’re all about helping you making the most out of the time you have, we’ve made a list of fairly unknown PC keyboard shortcuts that are of great use for knowledge workers. These shortcuts will save you a lot of time and frustration once you’ve got them memorized. We divided the list into general Windows (8 and newer) shortcuts and shortcuts for Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

To start off, go ahead and press Ctrl + D right now. You might want to save this list. You can also download it for free in PDF format HERE.


Microsoft Windows shortcuts

Display help F1
Rename selected folder/item F2
Search file or folder F3
Cycle screen elements F6
Activate menu F10
Open charms Win + C
Open file explorer Win + E
Open search charm Win + F
Open settings charm Win + I
Lock PC Win + L
Choose presentation style Win + P
Switch to app showing notification Win + Ctrl + B
Minimize window Win + Arrow Up
Maximize window Win + Arrow Down
Maximize window to left part of screen Win + Arrow Left
Maximize window to right part of screen Win + Arrow Right
Zoom Ctrl + Mouse wheel


Microsoft Excel shortcuts

Courtesy of our Excel-expert friends at SmartenUP.

Enter edit mode for selected cell(s) F2
Repeat last action F4
Toggle $$ signs in formula F4
Open formatting menu selected cell(s) Ctrl + D
Fill selected cells w/ value upper cell Ctrl + Drag mouse
Fill selected cells w/ value left cell Ctrl + R
Insert SUM( ) formula Alt + ” = “
Unfold dropdown in selected cell Alt + Arrow Down
Select current row(s) Shift + Spacebar
Select current column(s) Ctrl + Spacebar


Microsoft Word shortcuts

Copy format settings Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste format settings Ctrl + Shift + V
Insert Hyperlink Ctrl + K
Create bullet point list Ctrl + Shift + L
Move cursor one word to left Ctrl + Arrow Left
Move cursor one word to right Ctrl + Arrow Right
Move cursor to beginning of paragraph Ctrl + Arrow Up
Move cursor to end of paragraph Ctrl + Arrow Down
Delete entire word right of cursor Ctrl + Delete
Delete entire word left of cursor Ctrl + Backspace
Toggle uppercase selected text Shift + F3
Synonym check selected word Shift + F7
Insert current date Shift + Alt + D
Insert current time Shift + Alt + T


Microsoft PowerPoint shortcuts

Show or hide grid Shift + F9
Show or hide guides Alt + F9
Adjust font size Ctrl + “=”
Repeat previous action F4
Duplicate + drag selected object(s) Ctrl + Drag mouse
Duplicate selected object(s) Ctrl + D
Insert new slide Ctrl + M
Insert hyperlink Ctrl + K
Start presentation from start F5
Start presentation from current slide Shift + F5

This might be a lot to remember at first, but the more you use these shortcuts, the easier it will be to recall them and the more time you will save. To gain easy access to this list, bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) or download the list in PDF format here.

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