TIQ Exhibits at Web Summit

Tjerk van Dalen

09 November 2015

Late September we received message that TIQ was selected to exhibit as an ALPHA Startup at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin. Along with recently joining the Microsoft Ventures accelerator program in London, TIQ is picking up quite some momentum internationally. Exhibiting at Web Summit gave us the opportunity to meet potential investors, clients and partners, all in one place.

Web Summit is one of the largest summits of its kind: Last year’s edition attracted 22.000 attendees from 109 different countries. This year’s attendance in Dublin was estimated at more than 30.000 people, partially consisting of 2.000 worldwide startups, 1.000 experienced investors, and 800 tech journalists. Halfway through the three day (and night) conference, Web Summit released this year’s incredible figures. In fact, it turned out Dublin had welcomed 42.000 Web Summit attendees from 134 countries.

Each selected ALPHA startup was awarded an identical 1-meter booth for one day along with four entry passes. TIQ was scheduled to exhibit the last day in the Enterprise branch of the conference.

Day 1 and 2 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

After our commute through Dublin’s crazy morning traffic, we arrived at the RDS Arena, the home of Web Summit. With the vast size of the conference and the fact that the venue consisted of multiple, spread-out buildings, we covered quite some walking distance during the first two days. It was very interesting to hear and see such a large number of the world’s most innovative tech companies pitch their new ideas.

Besides all the exhibitors, a major part of Web Summit are the keynote speakers at different stages. Think along the lines of Mike Krieger (Co-founder Instagram), Mike Schroepfer (CTO Facebook) and Amsterdam’s very own Edwin van der Sar (CMO Ajax Amsterdam). Unfortunately, in between all the interesting startup booths, we barely had any time to visit the speeches.

Day 3 (Thursday) – Exhibition Day

After spending two days inviting people to stop by our booth on Thursday and Web Summit taking care of setting up the ALPHA booths (a very basic, identical 1 meter booth with company name and info), Thursday morning was stress-free. For the last time we made our way through Dublin traffic jams.

Introducing the stars of the day in front of the booth:

From left to right: 

TjerkIvoNick &  Desmond

The last day was by far the best one, with a lot of people showing interest in TIQ (In case you’re curious too: tiqtime.com) . We did not go to Web Summit with one specific goal (e.g. investments, clients, or partnerships), which meant we were open for any conversation. The TIQ booth was booming, which resulted in an entire day of discussing TIQ and what we’re all about.

Nick Schils, Founder & CEO of TIQ, commented:

“I think our visit to Dublin was very beneficial for TIQ. Besides having fun at the Web Summit, we were able to get in touch with a lot of different people that can help TIQ grow further. I’m excited to see where these new contacts will lead us.”

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