TIQ Joins Rockstart Web & Mobile Program

Tjerk van Dalen

03 April 2016

After graduating the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator and being announced as one of the 50 most disruptive companies in the UK, the TIQ team is very proud to announce yet another milestone: Out of 1.100 identified startups, TIQ has been selected as one of 10 startups to take part in the Rockstart Web & Mobile accelerator program. The program started the 30th of March.

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Nick Schils at Rockstart selection days

Rockstart Accelerator supports 10 Web & Mobile startups for 150 days, backed by 80+ mentors. Since the launch of the first program in 2012, Rockstart Accelerator has accelerated 58 companies, 71% of which have received follow-on funding. Together the companies have raised more than €29 million and created over 400+ full-time jobs.

The major benefits of the program consist of expert mentoring, reaching Rockstart’s extensive investor network, tapping into a global community of companies, incredible office space in the heart of Amsterdam and tailor-made team development. With alumni success stories such as Peerby and 3D Hubs , Rockstart has a proven track record of accelerating companies into global market leaders.

Nick Schils, Founder of TIQ, comments:

“A new phase in a company brings new challenges. With TIQ we’re working on new routes to our market, increasing our exposure, and building a network of people we love to work with. Right now, being part of one of the most amazing start-up ecosystems in the world is a huge advantage for us. Together with the rest of the team I can’t wait to move in and get started at Rockstart.”

Rutger van Weveren, Program Director Web & Mobile at Rockstart, adds:

“We’re happy to have TIQ in this year’s batch. They show great potential for becoming a leader in their industry and we can’t wait to help them grow into this potential through our program.”

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