Try out TIQ with your own Data and Matters

Bas Roodbeen
22 August 2019

To help law firms get familiar with automated time tracking, TIQ has introduced TIQ Time Testing. It’s a trial version of TIQ’s software that can be set up within a day. With a personalised TIQ Time account, multiple users from your firm can test TIQ’s web and mobile applications, as well as the Office Add-in, using data from your firm’s current matters.

During the initial testing period, the activities you undertake in Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be automatically captured. These activities will appear as suggested time entries in the TIQ Time interface, ready to be approved.

You’ll also have access to TIQ’s manual timers and manual entries during your TIQ Time Test. These make it easy to track any time not automatically captured by the software.

Starting your TIQ Time Test is easy and free. Simply fill out our form and start testing TIQ Time within a day.

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